Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazing is perfect for north-facing windows or areas with limited natural sunlight. In these situations, it offers superior insulation compared to double glazing. Therefore, triple-glazed windows may not be necessary for every room. Consider mixing and matching your windows based on the orientation and elevation of your home.

Triple glazing in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple-glazed windows consist of three glass panes, one more than double-glazed windows. The space between these panes is filled with an additional layer of insulating inert gas, such as argon. This extra pane and the insulating gas contribute to triple glazing often having a higher energy rating than double glazing. It helps keep your home warmer, quieter, and more secure.

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Reasons to Choose Triple Glazed Windows

Reduce Outside Noise

The three glass panes help reduce external noise entering your windows, making them perfect for homes in the city or on busy roads.

2. Warms your House

Triple glazing prevents warmth from escaping your room while keeping the cold out, making it ideal for colder rooms that receive little sunlight.

3. Add Value to Your Home

Triple glazing enhances the energy efficiency of your home, which can boost your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score. A higher EPC rating can increase your property's value.

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