Bay Windows

Enhance your home with stunning, custom bay windows. Choose from four structural and non-structural designs: traditional splay bay, square bay, single-end bay, and curved bow. Available in uPVC, wood, and aluminium, our made-to-measure bay windows come in various colors and finishes. Proudly made in Britain, these windows offer double and triple glazing options based on the chosen frame material.

Bay Window Materials

Modern UPVC sash window with double glazing, enhancing energy efficiency and security for homes.
Classic wooden sash window, adding timeless elegance and charm to traditional and heritage-style homes.

upVC Bay

Our uPVC bay windows are the top choice among homeowners. Available in casement, flush casement, and sash styles, these windows offer both double and triple glazing options in a wide variety of colors. They provide excellent security, energy efficiency, practicality, and affordability.

  • Rated up to A++
  • Double and triple glazing options
  • Lifespan of up to 35 years


Wooden Bay

  • Wooden bay windows are available in casement, flush casement, or sash styles. Choose from painted or stained finishes to complement modern or listed homes. Timber bay windows are excellent natural insulators, making them great for energy savings.

    • Up to A-rated energy efficiency


Reasons to Choose Bay Windows

1. Added Security

our bay windows are crafted with a focus on both security and practicality. Featuring multipoint locking systems and key-locking handles as standard, our window frames ensure robust protection.

2. Match Your Home

Whether you opt for uPVC, aluminium, or timber, there’s a bay window frame color to complement your home. 

3. Add Value to Your Home

Bay windows are a sought-after feature in both old and new properties, enhancing light, space, and style. Crafted from strong, high-quality materials with excellent energy ratings, installing bay or bow windows can boost your home's value. A solid investment in any material or style.

Choose Lord-Sykes Property Services: Your Local Provider of British Windows with a 10-Year Guarantee

Our British-made windows come with a 10-year parts and labour guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind for years to come

our windows are crafted from start to finish in a British factory, showcasing the expertise of skilled artisans throughout the manufacturing process.

Determine if Flush Sash Windows Suit Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tailor-Made Windows

Discover how we help you create made to measure windows that are just right for your space and your home.


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Choosing the right window material

Read our guide on how to choose between upVC, wood or aluminium for your windows.


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Can you double-glaze existing Sash Windows

It's not possible to double-glaze existing single-glazed sash windows. However, you can enhance your current single-glazed sliding sash windows by upgrading to our double-glazed sash windows. If you seek to improve your window's energy efficiency and prefer a more economical solution, consider secondary glazing. This option involves fitting secondary glazing behind your existing sash windows to enhance warmth and sound insulation.

How do you measure Sash Windows?

To measure up for replacement sash windows, you need to measure the sash window width and height, as well as the box frame width and height (the size of the hole in which the window is set). Our sliding sash windows are custom made to fir your home, contact us to book a free consultation